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Collaborating with Joel Magbitang, CFP®, a Financial Advisor affiliated with Eagle Strategies, a registered investment adviser and a wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life, who is also a Registered Representative of NYLIFE Securities LLC and an agent of the New York Life Insurance Company, provides you with access to the full breadth and depth of products and services offered by these organizations.

As you transition to a new job or prepare to retire, you will need to determine what to do with your retirement savings.

Take a moment to step back and envision your typical day in retirement. Will it include pursing your hobbies, spending time with family and friends, volunteer work, or travel? Maybe you want to further your education or explore a new career. Now think about the money you’ve put aside for retirement. Do you have a plan to cover your day-to-day must have’s, as well as your discretionary nice-to-have’s? Most important, are you confidant that your retirement nest egg will last as long as your retirement?

You work hard and have dreams about the type of lifestyle you would like to enjoy in retirement. Securing that dream can be best achieved when you work with an experienced Financial Advisor who can help educate you about the solutions available to you and each of their advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, we will take the time necessary to educate you about your retirement options and through our partnership, you can expect to receive well-considered guidance. Equipped with this information, you will be more confident about your investment decisions and how those choices will help deliver a retirement plan that is right for you.

This guidance is one of the most important and valuable services we offer, and it is how we will work to earn and maintain your trust year in and year out.

Investment Solutions

Once you have determined the retirement option you will leverage to invest your savings, you will need to determine the appropriate investment solutions to help you achieve your retirement goals. By working with Magbitang Financial, you will have access to the following suite of investment solutions.

Investment Advisory Solutions

Eagle’s wealth management platform consists of investment advisory programs including Fund Advisory and Rep Directed Programs. These programs provide us with the tools we need to build customized solutions based on your individual goals, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon. This solution features professional money management and access to experienced, well-known asset managers.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds offer you the opportunity to allocate a portion of your retirement savings to professionally managed portfolios in a variety of markets including fixed income, domestic and international equity. These allocations allow you to continue growing your portfolio even as you draw down on your retirement savings.

Annuity Solutions

Annuities can provide tax-deferred growth, guaranteed rates of return, and/or guaranteed lifetime income – benefits that are generally only available through a pension, which can help reduce the risk of outliving your savings.

Variable Annuities

Variable annuities offer a wide variety of investment options or underlying funds. Primarily for those who are still saving for retirement, they offer the potential to grow your assets in the market, some access to your money, and investment or legacy protection.

Fixed Deferred Annuities

A fixed deferred annuity can help you grow and protect your retirement savings. The money in your annuity earns a guaranteed, fixed rate of interest. Fixed deferred annuities are suitable for people who are looking for a long-term, low risk retirement solution that historically offers higher crediting/interest rates than many other fixed interest options.

Guaranteed Income Annuities

A guaranteed income annuity provides you with a worry-free stream of guaranteed income during retirement. You can purchase one before or after you retire. The money in your annuity – which you invest as a lump sum or in a series of payments, depending on the policy you choose – generates a stream of income for as long as you live. The amount of income you receive depends on several factors including your age, gender, premium amount, and your chosen payout option.

We are ready to work with you. In partnership, we will help guide you in making thoughtful decisions about how to secure and achieve your retirement goals. Ours is, first and foremost, a long-term partnership built on trust, and we look forward to working with you.