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Your days are measured by appointments, patients, and providing one of life’s most important gifts...a healthy smile. We provide recommendations for people like you, dentists dedicated to caring for others and providing for their families, but with little time to take care of their own financial health.

Magbitang Financial works with dentists in all stages of their careers, from those looking to start their first practice, to the well established dentist wanting to maximize benefits to themselves and key employees. We provide you with information on various strategies to build, protect and preserve the wealth that comes with running a successful business. As a client of Magbitang Financial, we help you to design and develop a financial strategy unique to your personal individual and business goals.

In addition, we are able to help you execute your financial strategy by providing the products and services that meet your needs. As an example, newer dentists may come to us in order to secure insurance collateral for their business startup loans and well established dentists may come to us in order to create a qualified or nonqualified retirement plan for the benefit of themselves and their employees.

Magbitang Financial also assists dentists nearing retirement and considering selling their practice by helping to design and implement a business succession and retirement income plan. We address all business, estate, and family issues unique to the client’s situation and produce a succession plan with the most effective strategies possible.

All individuals should plan for their retirement. Although dentists tend to have a more difficult time stepping away from their business, they may have an even bigger need for retirement planning. Often, a significant portion of a dentist’s assets and income is tied to the business. Therefore, it is very important to determine how much the business can be sold for at the time of an exit and estimate how much additional retirement income can be generated from the sale of the practice.