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"We help dentists, physicians, owners of closely-held family businesses and retirees determine what it is they are trying to accomplish from both a business and personal strategies perspective, and then help ensure our clients achieve it."

We believe reaching your long-term financial objectives hinges on having the right strategy – one that fits your unique circumstance and grows with you. That’s where Magbitang Financial comes in. We are trained, licensed professionals, and we draw on years of experience in creating a long-term strategy for our clients. Ultimately, we take responsibility to make sure the job gets done.

You spend years pursuing financial independence and then, through hard work and some smart decisions, you succeed in reaching your goals. But for all the answers a lucrative career or business provides, success breeds at least as many questions. Just like your business and your family, financial wealth demands knowledge and attention to detail.

Magbitang Financial offers you a vast depth of experience and insight in insurance, investments strategies and estate planning to help you navigate your journey. Because the last thing financial independence should mean is going it alone.