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We offer comprehensive products and services to help you develop a sound, long-term investment strategy. You can choose from over 10,000 mutual funds, including self-directed, tax-deferred Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). We also provide products to fund plans for companies of all sizes, ranging from SIMPLE IRAs to full-service defined contribution and defined benefit plans.

AdvisorOne Account* – Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Money Market Accounts

Mutual Funds*

Eagle Strategies LLC  Investment Advisory Accounts**


An annuity is a unique financial vehicle designed to help you accumulate money for your retirement and/or turn a lump-sum of money into a guaranteed stream of income payments.

Deferred annuities offer the advantage of tax-deferral and can be used to accumulate money for retirement.

Variable Deferred Annuities - We offer comprehensive products and services to help you develop a sound, long-term investment strategy.

All guarantees associated with Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Withdrawals may be subject to regular income tax, and if made prior to age 59 1/2, may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty. In addition surrender charges may apply.


Fixed Interest Deferred Annuities - With a Fixed Interest Deferred Annuity, the interest rate on your policy is guaranteed never to fall below a certain amount. For many people, this provides a measure of security about their investment.

Income Annuities - They are used to generate a stream of income payments that is guaranteed to last for as long as you need it to – even for the rest of your life.

Guaranteed1 Lifetime Income Annuities

An income annuity where income payments begin immediately - one period after the annuity is purchased. It is designed to provide you with predictable income monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, no matter how long you live, and regardless of how the financial markets perform.

Life Insurance

Many people think that life insurance is only for people with families. While it is true that life insurance can help provide for the needs of dependents, life insurance also can be an important part of a well-thought-out estate, business succession or charitable giving plan. Plus permanent life insurance offers many living benefits as well, such as tax-deferred cash value accumulation, and this cash value in a permanent policy can be accessed via policy loans and withdrawals to help supplement your retirement income. Policy loans against your policy accrue interest and decrease the death benefit and cash value by the amount of the outstanding loan and interest. Withdrawals may be subject to regular income tax, and if made prior to 59½, may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty. In addition surrender charges may apply. For all of these reasons, life insurance can be important for someone starting out – or for someone who's starting over.

Whole Life - Whole Life insurance is also known as permanent insurance. You receive coverage for your entire life, as long as premiums (which are a set amount per period) are paid. Whole life policies accumulate cash value tax-deferred.

Term Life - Term Life policies provide coverage for a specific amount of time – such as 5 years, 10 years or 20 years. Term premiums are often less expensive than whole life premiums, but once the term of the policy is complete, coverage terminates. There is no accumulation of cash value.

Universal Life^ - Like Whole Life, Universal Life is a permanent insurance policy, which means that it covers you for your entire life, as long as premiums are paid. Universal life, however, offers you flexibility that enables you to change your premiums and death benefit as your needs change.

Survivorship Life - Survivorship life insurance – available as whole life, universal life or variable universal life* – covers two people and provides payment of the proceeds when the second insured individual dies. Survivorship life insurance is often used to help meet estate planning or business continuation goals.

^The policy will terminate if at any time the cash surrender value is insufficient to pay the monthly deductions. This can happen due to insufficient premium payments. If loans or withdrawals are made, or if current interest rates or changes fluctuate.

AARP and New York Life

Julius Elmer "Joel" M. Magbitang is a certifed A20 Agent, and can offer his clients exclusive life insurance and annuities products through New York Life's relationship with AARP. To learn more about what we can offer, please contact us.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance is still a relatively new type of insurance product. Many people do not understand what long-term care insurance policies cover, how and when the policies pay benefits, and who should obtain coverage.

Going through life may require a little help along the way. So if you're planning ahead, long-term care insurance may help protect you or a family member's future plans and help preserve the assets you've worked so hard to build.

Other Products***

We have established relationships with other carriers, and can supply you with information on disability income and business overhead expense insurance as well as individual and group health insurance products. If we don't offer it, chances are we can assist you.

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Securities products and services offered through NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC).  All investments involve risk including the potential loss of principal.

** All investment advisory services are offered through Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser.

Both NYLIFE Securities and Eagle Strategies LLC are wholly owned subsidiaries of New York Life Insurance Company.

*** Products available through one or more carriers not affiliated with New York Life Insurance Company, dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your state or locality.

1Guarantees are backed by the claims paying ability of the issuer.